Ashley Sheppard

I'm a  New Orleans native, A mom, wife and cancer SURVIVOR (ing) residing in Houston, TX who LOVES to  create and design unique customized  beaded bracelets. In addition to that a candle LOVER and maker.

My journey began in 2010, a stay at home mom who enjoyed crafting, event planning and DIY projects. I stumbled upon a beading class on Groupon and fell in love! I would always receive compliments on my jewelry and when asked ''Where did you get those?" my reply, " Oh I made them" then followed " Do you sell them?" Chic Haven was born. After participating in a few craft shows/pop up shops I moved forward with registering for my DBA and starting a social media page. In 2015, I set up a online store that I never published. In 2019, I was diagnosed with cancer.  During recovery my love of candles turned into a desire that I wanted to incorporate and offer within Chic Haven. I look forward to this next chapter and I can't wait to take you along for the ride!